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Empowering students in critical thinking and constructive transformation of our world.


WSCF Africa

The WSCF Africa regional office coordinates the efforts of over 20 national movements across the continent.

This organization provides support and direction to the Student Christian Movements in Africa.
Our mission

Our Mission

WSCF seeks to promote cooperation among young people in working and advocating for socio-economic justice, peace, human rights and responsible and accountable leadership in the world.
Through the work of the Holy Spirit, the WSCF is called to be a prophetic witness in church and society.

WSCF-Africa's Allegiance To Sustainable Development Goals

The World Student Christian Federation - Africa, is dedicated to help in the realisation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. World leaders in September 2015, came together in an historic summit and adapted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), that include a wide range of issues; ending poverty, hunger, promoting inclusive and sustainable growth, sustainable industrialization, peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, ensure sustainable consumption and production, equality, access to education and battle on the negative of climate change. The goals call for action for over 14 years in the key areas of importance for the planet and humanity.

News & Events

Leadership And Consultative Workshop

Leadership And Consultative Workshop

Antananrivo Madagascar This year, the Leadership and Consultative Workshop was held at Antananarivo, Madagascar and ushered 34 students to a successful life changing program. The project involved vari...

WSCF Youth Conference On Peace-Building In The Middle East

WSCF Youth Conference On Peace-Building In The Middle East

Our appeal to our fellow Christian youth is to accept others who do not share our beliefs. The acceptance of others will help create a world of peace where all people can live together. By accepting e...

Report on the Churches Witnessing With Migrants - 8th Intern...

Report on the Churches Witnessing With Migrants - 8th International Consultation, 25-27 June 2017 in Berlin, Germany.

Introduction On the 25th to the 27th of June 2017, the 8th International Consultation of Churches Witnessing With Migrants (CWWM8) took place in Berlin, Germany in time for the 10th Global Forum on Mi...

Report on the WCC Eco-School on Water, Food and Climate Just...

Introduction The Student Christian Movement of Zimbabwe (SCMZ) was represented by Samantha Moyo at the two-week long leadership training that was held in Lolongwe, Malawi from the 24th of July to the...

Report On The Churches Witnessing With Migrants 8th Internat...

On 25th to 27th June 2017, the 8th Consultation of Churches Witnessing with Migrants (CWWM8) took place in Berlin for the 10th Global Forum on Migration and Development. Douglas Tigere was the WSCF-Af...

United Church Of Canada Pilgrimage Service In Kenya

A relationship that has been identified with designation of common goals, priorities and programs was spiced up with a visit to the WSCF- regional office. The pilgrimage service brought together eight...

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The WSCF Global federation is organized into six regions, each with its own regional office.

WSCF experiences told by participating students from some of the Student Christian Movements in the Africa region.

WSCF Experiences

Take a visual tour to some of our past events with some of the Student Christian Movement participants in the Africa region.


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