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Since 1895, WSCF has been uniting and promoting cooperation among Christians Movements and Associations of students and members of the academic community throughout the world.

WSCF provides a forum for Christian formation, witness, ministry and ecumenical dialogue across culture, gender and race. It does so through engaging students in study and analysis of social, political and economic issues and action from an informed Christian perspective.

Our mission is to empower students in critical thinking and constructive transformation of our world

WSCF Africa Regional Activities

Bible Study And Theological Reflection

We aimed to promote the spiritual growth of our members in line with our objectives.A Daily Scripture Reading is published yearly and the theological reflection on some key issues: HIV and AIDS, Globalization, Identiy, Climate Justice, Violence, Corruption, Human Rights and women's rights, Gender etc.

Women Empowerment Program
Our vision is a society rooted in Christianity values that uphold gender equality and we aimed through this program to acheive the following:

  • Give Biblical teachings on gender issues to develop cultural harmony in WSCF and the society.
  • Provide young women with space and opportunities to participate in leadership and decion-making in WSCF, church and society.
  • Support and promote young women's education to enhance career prospects and bring them into full participation in every society.
  • Support and promote young women's education to enhance career prospects and bring them into full participation in every aspect of society.


Corruption is one of the large obstacles to development; it reduces the efficiency of development efforts, weakens democracy, makes the rich richer and supports dictators.Our Objective is to build skill of our members on the concepts, roots causes, consequences and impact of corruption on poverty, democracy and justice and designed intervention strategies to combat corruption launch appropriate anti-corruption campaigns.


We aim to curb the spread of HIV and AIDS infections among student and youth by promoting preventive measures which are aligned with Christian value. In our action, we working to reduce "SSDDIM": Stigma, Shame, Denial, Discrimination, Inaction and Mis-action and promoting "SAVE" : Safer practices, Access to Treatement and nutrition, Voluntary, routine and stigma -free counseling and testing and Empowerment. We are working in collaboration with FOCAGIFO (Friends of Canon Gideon Foundation).

Migration, Food Security and Climate Change are our latest focus themes.

Work Camps are also organised to enable our members to translate lessons learned during the training in the field.

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