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FEDSACS, Federation of South African Christian Students

Established: 1989


Federation of South African Christian Students (FEDSACS)

c/o South Africa Council of Churches

P.O. Box 62098

Marshalltown 2107, South Africa

Tel: +271 1 4921380/9

Fax: +271 1 4921448

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


• The Deborah Project, a women’s empowerment program which aims to empower women to positions of leadership within their communities. It is designed to promote women’s participation in developing, sustaining, or challenging the current economic models of their communities. This is done by means of vocational training, which enables the women to generate a sustainable income.

• Zama Mnguni, a young orphan, has become the beneficiary of the “Talitha Kum” project. Talitha Kum will provide financial support to Zama to see that she receives education and that her personal needs are met. The project is currently limited to one child, but is looking to expand in the future.

• FEDSACS is actively addressing the issue of HIV/AIDS in Africa along with human rights awareness and education. This includes workshops on HIV/AIDS that confront societal stigma attached to the illness, human sexuality, and building self esteem among infected adolescents.

• Capacity workshops in Gauteng and Western Cape

• Involvement in reformulation of South Africa Civil society observation coalition


Number of Branches:

Membership: 6,000

Institutions: Higher Institutions, Secondary Schools




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