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Regional Secretary

Amos Mushendwa

Biography / Duties
[Amos Biography here]
Administration and Finance Assistant

Maxwell Ray Omondi

Biography / Duties

Maxwell's main duties are the full time responsibility for the overall work performance of the organization, management of the office environment, providing specialised support to other departments and managers. Providing documents reports and telecommunication management. Planning, providing and controlling all admin functions. Managing the field works or trainings which the employees carry out. Management and planning for the future.


-   Receive visitors and promptly direct them to the respective offices
-   Handling telephone and e-mail communication within the organization.
-   Handling/managing the fieldwork / trainings that the employees carry out.
-   Preparing and presenting financial reports when required.
-   Preparing cash flow projection to facilitate proper planning.
-   Maintaining a payroll for all staff and ensuring that all statutory deductions
     are made and paid to the relevant authorities in a timely manner.
-   Ensuring that policies of fixed assets are followed.
-   Performing any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.

Office Assistant / Driver



-  Office cleaning services
-  Pest control services
-  Messenger and general errand services
-  Carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, floor scrubbing, polishing and shinning
-  Services as a driver as shall be directed
-  Take all mails destined to third parties within Nairobi
-  Check regularly the WSCF mail box
-  Receive and inform the Administrative and Finance Assistant of any visitors
-  Receive visitors of the region at the airport and ensure their well being in
     terms of accommodation
-  Help staff in carrying out their duties
-  Ensure good state of the office car and keep the worksheet as
    well as fuel authorization book
-  Answer telephone calls in case the Administrative and Finance Assistant
    is held up.
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