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1.      6- 13 February 2011: World Social Forum in Dakar

2.      4th of March 2011, Women Day of Prayer

3.      8th of March 2011, International Women Day

4.      9th of March 2011, Day for fasting and prayers for Life (Food for Life Campaign)

5.      22nd of March 2011, Celebration of the UDPS

6.      (Date to be confirmed: April 2011) Officers and Staff meeting:  Geneva

7.      (Date to be confirmed) Africa Executive Committee Meeting and Senior Friends Network, Nairobi

8.      April / May 2011, Sub-regional Training on Gender and Human Rights (Namibia – Southern Africa sub-region)/or Corruption (to be confirmed)

9.      June 2011, Sub-regional Training on Migration (Togo – West Africa sub-region)

10.  August 2011 WSCF Africa Action against Corruption

11.  October 2011 WSCF Capacity building on Food Security and Climate Change: an agenda for action: Monrovia, Liberia (negotiation is still underway with funding partner) – Pilot project


Visit to national movements


-           SCM of Liberia

-           SCM of Sierra Leone couple with National leadership training

-           Congo Brazzaville

-           Gabon

-           Botswana

-           Angola

-           Senegal

-           FNJP Congo D.R. The meeting will couple with a national workshop on Gender and Human Rights in Kinshasa.



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