Objectives Of WSCF

  • To call members to faith in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit according to the scriptures and to encourage discipleship within the life and mission of the Church.
  • To help them to grow in Christian life through prayer, study of the Bible and participation in worship and witness of the Church.
  • To help them to witness Jesus Christ in the academic community
  • To bring them into fellowship with one another in mutual service and to support efforts to serve all students in their needs.
  • To help members strive for peace and justice in and among nations.
  • To help members work towards unity within the Church.
  • To help them to be servants and messengers of God’s Kingdom in all the world.

The Federation is organized into six regions, each with its own regional office. The regions and the locations of their regional offices are as follows:

Africa (Nairobi), Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), Europe (Budapest), Latin America and the Caribbean (Buenos Aires), Middle East (Lebanon) and North America (Toronto).

The regional offices are headed by the Regional Secretaries and supported by the regional staff.

The Africa Regional Office coordinates the efforts of 24 national movements across the continent.


WSCF – Africa Regional Office
AACC – Ibiam House, 4th Floor, Waiyaki Way – Westlands
Website : www.wscf-africa.org