The World Student Christian Federation - Africa Region

The Africa regional office coordinates the efforts of over 20 national movements across the continent.

The organization provides support and direction to the Student Christian Movement in Africa. With the birth of sustainable development goals (SDGs), WSCF-Africa projected activities intersect a variety of the goals.

WSCF Africa focuses on peace building and conflict transformation, leadership and consultative trainings which are derived from leadership development and good governance concepts. Cross cutting issues include Bible study, theology and interfaith relations; identity, diversity & dialogue.

Some of the main areas of work in Africa are:

  • Bible study and Theology
  • Leadership Development
  • Female Student or Women’s Empowerment Program
  • Campaign against HIV & AIDS
  • Peace-Building and Conflict Transformation
  • Economic Justice Program
  • Internship and Exchange Program
  • Ethics and Corruption
  • Gender and Human Rights
  • Movement Building
  • Migration
  • Food Security
  • Climate change


WSCF – Africa Regional Office
AACC – Ibiam House, 4th Floor, Waiyaki Way – Westlands
Website :