Message From The WSCF Regional Executive for Africa

Dear SCMers, partners, friends and readers,
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We are pleased to introduce the WSCF Africa Region Newsletter/report. First of all let me thank God for this wonderful opportunity he has given us all to serve the federation in our different capacities. As we plan for the future, let us know that the past has gone for us to learn and the present is here for us to deliver.
Currently the federation more especially Africa Region is operating under very precarious and difficult financial circumstances. I am therefore appealing to all senior friends, partners, national movements, friends and all WSCF members to focus on the future than to dwell much on the past. Just as we have supported the past Regional Secretaries (Regional Executives), am asking the entire federation to support the current administration, remember that we are all one in Christ with the same mission and vision.
Let us make sure that our ideas, aspirations as well as our expectations are put in place. In any institution, criticisms are always there but for now, let us continue building our federation together and by-and-by we will be developing some strategies with big plans. Sometimes change is so painful but change brings change. The change that we would like to see is here now, it is you and me and indeed together we can, in unity there is power.
WSCF Africa Region has great leaders, we need such leadership so that we can make the federation that we want. We need to tap into that resource to advance our agenda and for sure it will take all of us to bring about the radical transformation that we so much need. Let us all start acting as leaders don’t wait for the Regional office to push things no. If anything, the Regional office should just be there to coordinate.
I would also like to call upon all the SCMers, senior friends, partners, friends and all WSCF members to join hands as we lead the revitalization of WSCF national movements and help strengthen the financial base of the federation in the region.
We also need to create a forum where young people will interact and share their best practices, experiences, beliefs and knowledge among others. This will surely be time to hear immense wisdom from students, witness their struggle and faith.
In terms of Bible and Theology portfolio which am coordinating, I have noted and observed with great sadness that Christianity is becoming undermined all over the world, evil doing is becoming acceptable and many do not fear spending their eternity in hell. I would like to encourage each one of you to put much effort on Bible study. We are in the course of preparing theological     materials for the forthcoming WSCF 37th General Assembly to take place in Germany, June 2020 God willing.
Let me thank WSCF Africa Regional Office secretariat members Maxwell and Jenifer for the good job they are doing, WSCF Chairperson Georgine Kengne Djeutane, Necta Montes our General Secretary, the Global and Africa Executive Committee members and fellow Regional staff members, national movements, partners and friends for the support. I really thank you all for making our daily work easy.
Finally, I would like to ask each one of us to consider praying hard, working hard, integrity and unity.
Wishing you God’s blessings. May God the Almighty bless WSCF and its leadership. Long live WSCF.

Thank you,

Christopher Gervas Chimangeni
Regional Executive for Africa and Director for Global Program on Bible and Theology
World Student Christian Federation (WSCF)
Phone: +265999337722
Skype: christopher.chimangeni
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