National Leadership Training

Held In Pacific School Of Religion, Berkeley Carlifonia

The Student Christian Movement USA organized a Leadership Training Program (LTP) held on 23rd -27th March 2017. The movement is committed to social change and development of young people through critical theological reflection and social activism.

Yvette Izabayo Mukagaju from the SCM Rwanda (MESSORWA) had the opportunity to represent WSCF Africa.

LTP 2017 themed ‘Resisting Empire’ focused on Racial Justice and Indigenous People’s Right. The SCM-USA Leadership Training Program focus was on Racial Justice and Indigenous People’s Rights. The attendees reflected on the intersectional fight of Black Lives Matter and the native/Indigenous Movement that has been unfolding worldwide for

On 9th March 2017, the Interim Regional Director had a meeting with the Project Director of ICCO KERKINATIE. The 2017 activity plan and movement building strategies were among the deeply discussed topics. The meeting consequently led to open discussion towards a new partnership between WSCF-Africa and ICCO KERKINACTIE.

United Methodist Church Britain

The year began with a courtesy visit and rendezvous with the United Methodist Church of Britain. Dr. Bumni and Maxwell Omondi met at PROCMURA, Nairobi Kenya and discussed the strategic plan (2016-2018) of WSCF Africa.

The following programs were highlighted

  • Bible Study and Theology.
  • WSCF Africa Action on Climate Change.
  • WSCF Africa Action on Leadership & Governance.
  • WSCF Africa Action towards Peace Building and Conflict Transformation.
  • WSCF Africa Action on Movement Building and Movement Visitation.
  • WSCF Africa Training on Gender and Human Rights.
  • WSCF Africa intern project.
  • WSCF Africa and Networking.

The meeting resulted to key focus and emphasis on the intern project in which a platform is created for the fresh

The World Student Christian Federation –AF is dedicated to help in the realisation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The world leaders in September 2015, came together in an historic summit and adapted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), that include a wide range of issues; ending poverty, hunger, promoting inclusive and sustainable growth, sustainable industrialization, peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, ensure sustainable consumption and production, equality, access to education and battle on the negative of climate change. The goals call for action for over 14years in the key areas of importance for the planet and humanity.

WSCF Reflection Of SDGs

Genesis 2:15, The Lord God placed

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