On 3th to 6th of July 2018, Yenny Delgado was in Rwanda-Kigali as main speaker on the invitation in the meeting of Global Forum on Church and Poverty Program that was organized by the Tea Fund in Kigali, after her presentation to the meeting on 9 of July 2018, Yenny visited the SCM-Student Christian Movement of Rwanda - RAJEPRA.

During the visit, leaders in charge of education at the protestant council of Rwanda as well as the Secretary General welcomed us in the office for a short discussion and showed how CPR helps the movement in some of activities for many years ago and how it consider the movement mature enough to keep growing and moving on its own.

Yenny Delgado
Yenny Delgado


She was interested in visiting the Student Christian Movement of

An evening Dinner has been hosted in honor of senior friends of The Student Christian Movement, SCM-Liberia.
The Dinner, which was named “Home Coming of Senior Friends”, brought together senior friends, students and youths of the National Student Christian Council, the Student Christian Movement of Liberia.

Speaking during the dinner, the chairperson of the council, Sis. Evelyne K. Lekpayee, said the colorful event was designed to bring back all former leaders of the council to solicit their support towards the current challenges facing the council - especially its damaged offices situated on 15th Street, Sinkor.
Madam Lekpayee stressed the need for concerted efforts in raising funds to deal with current challenges facing the office

By Eric Ighalo

By the end of 2016, over 700 churches of a major Christian denomination (EYN) in Northern Nigeria have been completely destroyed, while a research report by Arne Mulder affirms that as of December 2014, over 13,000 church buildings have been destroyed and abandoned in Northern Nigeria.
For a Nation not yet declared to be at war, over 4,725 persons have been officially recorded as killed –with over 1000 murdered by the Fulani Herdsmen in 2018 alone. Today, as one of the many negative fallouts, the Nigerian Nation is dealing with over 1.5 million Internal Displaced Persons (IDP's) - most of whom are students, youths, children and women, all key constituencies of the SCM of Nigeria. Sadly, these figures are increasing with


The Student Christian Movement-USA is a nascent grassroots ecumenical student movement.

Its commitment to social change and development of young people through critical theological reflection and social activism is most concisely found in its Mission Statement: “The Student Christian Movement of the United States of America (SCM-USA), a member of the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF), is a student-led, ecumenical, grassroots organization, that actively seeks justice and peace, speaks truth to power, and works to end oppression in communities on local, national, and global levels by empowering students and young people to claim their voice, exercise leadership skills, engage in innovative theological reflection, and

WSCF – Africa Regional Office
AACC – Ibiam House, 4th Floor, Waiyaki Way – Westlands
Website : www.wscf-africa.org