“Home Coming of Senior Friends” Dinner - SCM Liberia

An evening Dinner has been hosted in honor of senior friends of The Student Christian Movement, SCM-Liberia.
The Dinner, which was named “Home Coming of Senior Friends”, brought together senior friends, students and youths of the National Student Christian Council, the Student Christian Movement of Liberia.

Speaking during the dinner, the chairperson of the council, Sis. Evelyne K. Lekpayee, said the colorful event was designed to bring back all former leaders of the council to solicit their support towards the current challenges facing the council - especially its damaged offices situated on 15th Street, Sinkor.
Madam Lekpayee stressed the need for concerted efforts in raising funds to deal with current challenges facing the office, something she noted if done will give relief to the council in having a place to work comfortably.

For their part, the head of the Senior Friends Network, Rev. Dr. Julius Sarwolo Nelson, and senior friend, Ambassador Charles Minor described the event as a significant endeavor and needs to be supported and conducted annually. Thus, they stressed, it will give new breed of leaders and those who served since the establishment of the council a space to share their past experiences with the present leaders.

The Senior Friends Network is a pool of elders and young people who have served the council and continue to provide meaningful contributions and diverse support to the council.
The dinner was held on Saturday, 15 September 2108 at the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) conference hall in Monrovia. The occasion brought together 45 persons in attendance.  

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