Yenny's Visit To RAJEPRA, Rwanda

On 3th to 6th of July 2018, Yenny Delgado was in Rwanda-Kigali as main speaker on the invitation in the meeting of Global Forum on Church and Poverty Program that was organized by the Tea Fund in Kigali, after her presentation to the meeting on 9 of July 2018, Yenny visited the SCM-Student Christian Movement of Rwanda - RAJEPRA.

During the visit, leaders in charge of education at the protestant council of Rwanda as well as the Secretary General welcomed us in the office for a short discussion and showed how CPR helps the movement in some of activities for many years ago and how it consider the movement mature enough to keep growing and moving on its own.

Yenny Delgado
Yenny Delgado


She was interested in visiting the Student Christian Movement of Rwanda to learn about the activities of the movement since she feels a call to serving the young christian people as her daily work in order to grow the kingdom of God. SCM-Rwanda felt happier to welcome her and to hear from her experience as the leader and member of the SCM North Amerca .

Later we visited and had discussion with the SCMers at the Groupe Scholaire Kigali, presented to us their activities and their vision to keep growing the kingdom of God in young students through the word of God, they mentioned one of their project to buy music instruments which they will use in worship as well as to find subscription to pay to the SCM. We thanked the SCMers and encourage them to never give up on their plans and vision, Yenny offered to the students some of the books about ecosystem and environment to read and grow their knowledge in that field as well. The authority of the school appreciated the visit and hoped to meet again in events of the movement such as the Evangelical Cultural Week, Peace building camps etc...


 Yenny with SCMers in GS of Kacyiru Kigali
Yenny with SCMers in GS of Kacyiru Kigali

Yenny pledged to come back to spend more time with the movement, an idea that welcomed by SCMers and the leadership of SCM-Rwanda is thankful for such an inspirational visit that left them with encouragement to keep moving despite a number of challenges that we face with during our daily work.

Who Is Yenny Delgado?

Yenny Delgado Collao, born in Peru, studied Social Psychology at the Federico Villarreal University in Lima and moved to Costa Rica to obtain a degree in theological science at the Latin American Biblical University in 2009. As a young student in Peru, she became the regional director of the student group AGEUP a non-profit Christian organization that trains students in leadership and social action and mission in their communities. It was during this period in her life where she “learned...that for the Christian the demand is to practice and advocate for social justice in both word and deed,”

As executive staff of North American and director of Global Advocacy and Solidarity Program replaced Luciano Kovacs, who completed his service to the federation in December 31st 2017. She joins the WSCF global staff team of 7 full-time staff stationed in Italy, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Kenya, Bueno Aires and Manila beginning January 2018. Yenny brings to WSCF years of work experience as an educator, advocate, writer, project innovator, and a social justice activist to the wider mission and fellowship of the global Federation.

Currently living in Washington DC, where she will be based as WSCF full-time staff, Yenny is active in the Latino community in greater Washington, promoting and encouraging the appreciation and development of Spanish literature through outreach events, arts and culture exchange. She co-founded Lectura, Escritura,y Activismo (LEA) and authored a children’s book entitled 'The Adventures of Paloma' in Peru as part of her advocacy to promote Spanish literature and heritage among children of Latino communities in the US.

She is an active member of the Bethesda Presbyterian Church in Washington and serves as a Board Member of the Mission Coordinating Committee in the National Capital Presbytery. She is an advocate of equal opportunity and access to education rights for young migrants.

RAJEPRA is a French abbreviation means Rassemblement de la Jeunesse Estudiantine Protestante a l’Action in English (Union of Students Youth Protestants for Action as Students Christian Movement in Rwanda ).
It was put into place in 1975 as an ecumenical Student Christian movement not Profit which mainly brings together all high school, college, and university students coming from the Protestant churches in Rwanda, with a view to keep up the Protestant Christian identity both in schools, campus and outside the schools and campus.

The movement seeks to mobilize members to a spirit of living a christian life through a dynamic and visible testimony both at school or campus and off school or campus, during both their studies and after studies in professional life.
Since it was established, RAJEPRA had a christian mission to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to the young in high schools, colleges, universities and beyond, including the professional and social life, as well as promoting cooperation and mutual assistance among young school and university population.
It is interested in evangelism, ecumenical dialogue, mutual respect and debates for peace and unity. Since 1988, RAJEPRA is recognized as an associate member of the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF). In June 1992, RAJEPRA was recognized as an affiliate member of the Association of Christian Lay Centers in Africa ( ACLCA ).

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